The Movement

Believers have not been called to take cover rather to takeover the various mountains that are responsible for influencing culture so that the kingdoms of this world can become the kingdom of our God and his government.
Every Daniel in this world needs a company. Every disciple of Christ must belong in a small unit of people that he or she can feel safe and have the opportunity to fulfil God’s purpose and plans for their lives with. The early church has what is called the temple court and also the house to house (which is a smaller unit of the larger audience.)

In the light of this, global harvest church island is launching a hub system that is called The Movement. Each hub is meant to be a movement on its own with the purpose of coming together to impact the cultures of this world for the kingdom. We are not designed to succeed in isolation rather our strength remains in our connectedness.

We have identified a few interest groups that can help achieve the ultimate aim of shaping the culture of nations and generations as stated in our mission statement at Global Harvest. The hubs for the season One of THE MOVEMENT are: