Pastor Crystal Chigbu

Pastor, OUT Family

Crystal Chigbu, a dedicated spiritual leader, is a driving force for positive transformation within the body of Christ. With a background in Biochemistry, she possesses a strong desire to create enduring change in the lives of those she encounters.

Beyond the pulpit, Crystal is widely recognised for her unwavering leadership and work at The IREDE Foundation. Her relentless efforts are channelled towards providing affordable prosthetic limbs to indigent children. Even amidst numerous accolades and international acclaim, Crystal maintains her rootedness and approachability. Her aura of warmth and humility remains a guiding light as she continues to mentor and support individuals and organisation sharing wisdom garnered from her own journey to aid others in navigating challenges and leaving a meaningful imprint in their communities.

In her sermons, Crystal blends her personal experiences with spiritual teachings, offering practical advice and heartfelt encouragement to the congregation. Her words resonate deeply, serving as a source of comfort and inspiration for those facing any personal challenges.

Crystal Chigbu is not merely a pastor; she is the author of three awesome books, has emerged as a beacon of hope, an embodiment of resilience, and a living testament to the potency of faith and compassion in building a brighter world for all.

Crystal is married to Azubuike Chigbu and they have two children.