Pastor Dare Kolawole

Lead Pastor

Pastor Dare Kolawole, affectionately known as PD, is the Lead Pastor at Global Harvest Island.

He embodies a compelling fusion of unwavering faith, extensive international journeys for spreading the Gospel, and a fervent passion for the well-being of both God’s people and the teachings of the Lord.

With a remarkable background as an Electrical Engineer and successful Businessman, Pastor Dare Kolawole has chosen to prioritize imparting the wisdom and teachings of God as his life’s ultimate pursuit. Through his diverse experiences and deep-rooted faith, he embodies a spirit committed to healing and enriching lives with the transformative power of the Gospel.

In a beautiful partnership with his beloved wife, Opeyemi Kolawole, they tirelessly dedicate themselves to the ministry, manifesting an inspiring example of love, devotion, and service to God.