Dwelling In The Screet Place
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Dwelling in the Secret Place

Welcome once again to the month of November! Just like yesterday when we all shouted happy new year, we are edging closer to the end of the year we all so anticipated. For some, I am sure the pressure is mounting up because of many unaccomplished goals that were set, with that feeling of hopelessness trying to creep in as they wonder if it is still worth hoping that something significant will happen.
One thing that I am sure of is that as long as we remain in alignment in our walk with God, we are always making progress even if it does not look like that on the outside. Apostle Paul’s statement in 2nd Corinthians 4:18 remains valid in this light that what we see, we are able to change, while the things we don’t see with our natural eyes have eternal value that goes beyond what our finite mind can comprehend. Our alignment is premised on how much value we place on the Secret Place of the most high God. Psalm 91 is a psalm of the promise of protection over God’s people. From verse 3-16 we see several promises of protection, deliverance, preservation, exemption and many other things that we may be considering in the course of the month.

However, we should observe that the key to enjoying all the promises was in verse 1-2 where he emphasises the importance of Dwelling in the secret place. Think about the word dwell for a minute. It means to remain, to settle, to abide, to inhabit, to tarry or to continue. All of this implies a sense of permanence and not just a visit to the secret place.
Yes, positionally in Christ, we are in the secret place of the most high but many don’t dwell experientially. I don’t need to do too much in order to know the one who dwells and abides. I just need to know what they are saying about Him. The reality of the snare of the fowler or the perilous pestilences or the economic meltdown or pandemics or fear and agitations that come with the end of the year will not affect what they say of the Lord.

My admonition is for you to fight desperately to stay and abide in the secret place. Spiritual exercises we do are the ways we experience the secret place. Pray more, fast more, meditate more, praise more, give more, do anything that keeps you conscious of his presence in your life. That is how to enjoy the covenant of protection that we have in Christ. Peter!! It is not time to pack your net. Wait on Jesus to hear him give you that instruction that will make all your labour worth it.

God reserves the best for the last! You will end this year in a blaze of glory! You will enjoy supernatural encounters as you place a premium on the secret place of the most high. I call you blessed.

Harpening Your Sword
Hello children of God, you are welcome to another exciting episode of learning with FLOAT newsletter. I believe you enjoyed the last episode with Nifemi and Sammie!! My name is Amaka, and my best-friend name is Jumoke, we shared our learning on the ‘Parables of the Sower’ with you in September. Well, this month we have a thrilling topic to discuss with you, so make sure to follow us without any distraction. Before we go any further, we need you to open your bible and turn to the scriptures written below. We know it’s a long read but please make sure you read all of them in the XXX version.
Ephesians, chapter 6:17
2 Timothy, chapter 4: 1-5
I believe you have finished reading them and hope it filled you with blessings. Now let’s continue… If you can, grab or call your friend and read on together. Let’s start again with “Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.”
Jumoke: The scripture above emphasised on the word of God being our sword.
Amaka: Our sword? The only Sword I am familiar with is the TV Series, have you seen it?
Jumoke: No Amaka, the sword here is the word of God, you learn by reading the bible. Let’s reflect on what we read in 2 Timothy 4:1-5.
We need to take ownership in preparing ourselves. We live in the world, and it is easy to get carried away with what is trending, where drifting away from the bible is the norm. In this world blending with the majority is attractive, and it is harder to stand firm with God if you don’t make that effort to know him…
Amaka: Then we are limiting our ability to communicate God’s love to other people. By taking time to study, I am sharpening my sword. The new knowledge gained builds me up.
Jumoke: Yes!!! I love your interpretation.

The Size of a Mustard Seed
Have you seen a mustard seed? That exact one Jesus had said, “if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible”.

The first time I saw a mustard seed I was amazed. I realised that Jesus was saying if my faith was as small as this tiny seed then I could still achieve impossible things (Matthew 17:20-21; NLT). Guess what I did with this knowledge… I began to quantify my faith. When I had huge projects and fear crept in, I would say “oh God, my faith is smaller than a mustard seed” somehow, admitting that my faith is that small makes me think. It brings me to a point of reckoning.
“How can I have faith so small that even a mustard seed is bigger than it?”

Then I accepted that my faith should never be rooted not on the shaky ground of fear, doubts, excuses (you name it) but instead rooted in Christ’s firm foundation. It might seem weird quantifying your faith, but I tell you when you’re able to move your faith from point zero to point mustard seed, then will you achieve impossible things just as Jesus taught us.

My dependency on God

Part my lips good Lord
Let me be cognisant of your blessing upon my life.
Equip me with the ability to speak coherently
To clearly formulate my words.
So that their comprehension of your influences is significant.
To communicate with confidence.

My dependency on Gods purpose for my life,
Open my eyes good Lord,
So that when you reveal yourself to me, I see you.
Not through my human eyes, but through my spirit eyes
Teach my spirit to recognise your presence,
To understand your teachings.
Allow my spirit to gravitate towards you,
To sit gingerly at your feet,
As I cultivate a stronger relationship with you.
John 6:63

Awaken my mind good Lord
To the power of forming new habits,
That leads to a pattern of consistency.
Push my mind to connect with the spirit and direct my flesh.
Enable my soul to know how to acquire life-changing content Still me when I sit with your scripture so that I draw understanding from it,
Translate the words so that they transform into reality
as my spirit comprehends their true meaning.
Beat on my heart good Lord.
Feed my cells with oxygen and remove sin from my body.
Anchor me o lord so that I deflect all glory to you
Resting in the knowledge that you are the pillar that I lean against.
Rising each morning knowing you provide the ladder for me to climb up and Resisting the temptation to stand tall in acceptance of praise wrongly awarded to me,
Rejoicing my way into humility.
2 Corinthians 4:8-9

Antibiotic Misuse: A Threat to Healthy Living
In today’s world, the everyday use of medications has become a common practice, frequently offering relief from a variety of maladies and disorders. The frequent and often indiscriminate use of antibiotics, on the other hand, poses a subtle but deadly threat: antibiotic resistance. When bacteria adapt and become immune to the effects of antibiotics, this is referred to as resistance.

When we overuse antibiotics or fail to finish the whole course of treatment, some germs may survive and develop resistance. This continues to be a serious global public health concern, with estimates ranging from 700,000 to several million deaths annually. AMR is predicted by the World Health Organization (WHO) to result in 350 million deaths by 2050. By then, 10 million deaths a year are expected, according to UN research.

Antimicrobials can save lives if they work against the organism that is causing the infection. If antimicrobials are ineffective in preventing infections usually linked with certain operations, AMR may have an impact on life-saving healthcare, such as cancer treatments or organ transplants. Antibiotic safety practices include finishing the entire course of antibiotics, Avoiding overdose, and seeking professional guidance.
Every time you take antibiotics, you increase your chances of having bacteria that survive and are not destroyed by the medication. Bacteria that do not die can evolve and become much more difficult to eradicate. These are referred to as antibiotic-resistant bacteria. They can result in longer and more severe infections. To address certain problems, you may need to use stronger antibiotics with additional adverse effects.
Taking an antibiotic when you do not need to can make your body resistant to antibiotics, meaning that the next time you need antibiotics to fight a bacterial infection, they may not work to cure you.
In Isaiah 53:5 (NKJV), we read that “the chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed.” Christ suffered to bring about the end of suffering, including disease.

Allodoxaphobia is the fear of other people’s opinions.
Baby rabbits are called kits.
Venus is the only planet to spin clockwise.
Google Images was literally created after Jennifer Lopez wore that infamous dress at the 2000 Grammys.
Queen Elizabeth II was a trained mechanic.
There are more than 1,000 types of bananas growing in the world.
If you translate “Jesus” from Hebrew to English, the correct translation is “Joshua.” The name “Jesus” comes from translating the name from Hebrew to Greek to Latin to English.

October was an amazing month loaded with powerful words from God for His children, and we need to continue to meditate on the Attributes of Unstoppable Witness, which was addressed in our anchor scripture; Matthew 16:15-20.
Below are the 10 attributes of an Unstoppable Witness

  1. They speak the word of God often.
  2. They value the blessings given by God.
  3. They do not depend on their flesh.
  4. They stay connected to God always.
  5. They walk by revelation, which brings about transformation.
  6. They acknowledge Jesus as the builder of the church.
  7. They don’t allow opposition to stop them from sharing God’s agenda.
  8. They are aware of their authority in Christ Jesus
  9. They are aware of their responsibilities to God and fellow believers.
  10. They are discrete and discretionary in what they reveal to people.

If God can trust you with His Secret, there is an assurance of more revelation from Him which keeps us in constant fellowship with Him. As we journey into this new month, remain an Unstoppable Witness for God, and move with peace knowing that He is always with you.